Photography Eiffel Tower

August 2014. Jessica and Brad came from Massachusetts. They had planned a symbolic wedding ceremony in “Champs de Mars” gardens. We started the photo session in the early morning (around 8 AM), this is the best time to take great wedding pictures in August as the place can become very crowded later in the day. The light was also perfect for a wedding photography session. We went to “Pont Alexandre III”, “Le Louvre”, ” Galerie Vivienne”, “Notre Dame” and finished with a walk around the “Ile Saint Louis”.

WEDDING-090814-01 WEDDING-090814-02 WEDDING-090814-03 WEDDING-090814-04 WEDDING-090814-05 WEDDING-090814-06 WEDDING-090814-07 WEDDING-090814-08 WEDDING-090814-09 WEDDING-090814-10 WEDDING-090814-11 WEDDING-090814-12

WEDDING-090814-13 WEDDING-090814-14 WEDDING-090814-15 WEDDING-090814-16 WEDDING-090814-17

WEDDING-090814-18 WEDDING-090814-19 WEDDING-090814-20 WEDDING-090814-21 WEDDING-090814-22 WEDDING-090814-23 WEDDING-090814-24 WEDDING-090814-25 WEDDING-090814-26 WEDDING-090814-27 WEDDING-090814-28 WEDDING-090814-29 WEDDING-090814-30 WEDDING-090814-31 WEDDING-090814-32 WEDDING-090814-33 WEDDING-090814-34 WEDDING-090814-35

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