Proposal in Paris

Robert contacted me in September to organize his surprise proposal to Amber in Paris on December 23rd 2014. He wanted the Eiffel Tower in the background because Amber loves the Iron Lady. He was hoping some snow, that was the only thing that was not exactly as he wanted it to be, everything else was perfect ! I joined them at the Pullman Hotel and followed them as they were walking to Champs de Mars. Robert had chosen the perfect place on the day before (he used to be a photographer so he knew what will work for taking good photographs). She was surprised, moved and said yes with no hesitation.

PROPOSAL-23-12-14-01 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-02 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-03 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-04 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-05 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-06 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-07 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-08 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-09 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-10 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-11 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-12 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-13 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-14 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-15 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-16 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-17 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-18 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-19 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-20 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-21 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-22 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-23 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-24 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-25 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-26 PROPOSAL-23-12-14-27

© Isabelle Néry Photographer 2014 – Proposal in Paris

« Hi Isabelle,
     The pictures are absolutely beautiful and perfect.  Thank you so much for doing this for us and helping to make this the most unforgettable day and the most wonderful surprise.  You captured the moment perfectly.
Robert and his fiancé Amber »
« Merry Christmas Isabelle,
     We received the CD of the pictures.  Again, the pictures are amazing.  You are an exceptional photographer, but even more you are an amazing artist.  Your artistic touch to the pictures is what makes them so beautiful.  I cannot thank you enough.  Amber, and I, couldn’t be happier with the pictures.  Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Robert and his fiancé Amber »